Main Game

Each player takes a turn wearing a mouthguard and reading 3 phrase cards in total. They are the “Speaker”.

The Speaker starts by reading the first phrase card to the player on their left.

That player gets one chance to guess the phrase correctly.

If they fail, the Speaker reads the card to the next player, continuing in clockwise order until one player guesses correctly, earning the card as one point.

Once a card has been earned, the Speaker starts reading a new card again to the first player on their left.

Once all 3 cards have been read, the Speakers turn is over and the player to their left now becomes the new Speaker.

The first player to earn 7 points, wins the game!


Players pair up in 2-4 teams consisting of 2 players each.

One team plays at a time. Using the timer, one team member will have 60 seconds to guess as many cards as they can.

The other team member will wear the mouthguard and read the cards as the “Speaker”.

They will alternate roles after each round.

A round is complete once each team has had a turn. At the end of 4 rounds, the team with the most cards, wins the game.

In the event of a tie, fight to the death. Or play another round.



Yes, you can wash them wish warm water and dish soap, or place them in your dishwasher (on the top rack only).


We do not recommmend sharing mouth pieces with anyone. They might have gross couties that can spread to you. Or you might spread your dirty diseases to them. Just don't share the mouth pieces.


Hand wash them in warm water with dish soap, or wash them in your dishwasher (top rack only).


Yes. This way each player gets 3 turns to try to answer a phrase card.


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The game contains offensive material, explicit content, coarse language and some stuff that should just never be heard. Play at your own risk.